Cycle Safety E-Book launched

A member of the States of Jersey Police has just become a published author…Online!

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To coincide with UK national ‘Bike Week’ and the ‘Jersey Cycle Challenge’, Philip Blake, the Force’s Road Safety Officer, has officially launched his new book titled ‘Safe Cycling E-book’.



The resource, which is now available on the Roads Safety website, works in tandem with his Bikeability course to provide valuable information about cycle safety in Jersey. Though graphics, texts and photographs, this easy to navigate e-book covers topics such as cycle maintenance, lights, signals and road positions.

Philip Blake said: “It is a free resource available to anyone that wants to learn to cycle safely, or someone that is perhaps returning to cycling after a break and wants to brush up their knowledge a little.  It may also help visitors wanting to make sure they understand some of our unique bits of Highway Code.  It was primarily written for young people going through the Bikeability courses, but I hope anyone of any age will be able to get something from it.’

The decision to write a local e- book was made after Philip became aware that other safety publications didn’t provide relevant or correct information when trying to relate to Jersey’s roads.

Philip Blake said: “We have been able to ‘Jerseyfy’ the book a little, by adding in bits about things like yellow lines and green lanes that are only applicable here on the island. It has also given us the flexibility to add information that becomes relevant and make any necessary changes as Bikeability develops’ 

The ‘Safe Cycling E-book’ is available to view online, or it can be downloaded free from the Road Safety Website or from the States of Jersey Police website



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