Beach kiosk security

Warning for beach kiosk owners

Owners of beach kiosks are being asked to think about their security with the summer months upon us.

One kiosk was targeted during a break in on Thursday, and two years ago there were a spate of breaks at similar premises.

Historically the method of entry was predominantly through insecure doors and windows and officers are asking people to be vigilant and think about the security of their premises.

The following precautions should be taken to prevent unauthorised entry to premises and to reduce the amount of property stolen –

  • Commercial British Standard locks, padlocks and hasps should be used to secure doors.
  • Windows should be closed and bolted at night, and security grilles or bars should be fitted.
  • Cash should be removed from tills at the close of business and fridges should be locked when not in use.

In the coming weeks the Force’s Crime Prevention Officer Jeremy House will be visiting businesses around the island to offer advice and support on security.

Advice on home and commercial security is available via the States of Jersey Police website:



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