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Officers and youth workers will join forces on Wednesday to answer questions on the subject of sexting.

Sexting is when someone takes an indecent image of themselves, and sends it on to a boy/girlfriend via a mobile phone or some other form of technology.

Once these images have been taken and sent to others, control of them is lost and they can end up anywhere.

This also puts that person who originally sent the images in a vulnerable position, as somebody they may or may not know now has these images and could use technology to bully, harass or even try to locate them.

In line with the Force’s focus on raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and timed with the three commercials which are currently airing on Channel TV, officers will be holding a live web chat to answer questions on sexting.

Detective Sergeant Dave Hill, of the Public Protection Unit, will be joined by school based Social Worker Mandy Berner and Senior Youth Worker Vicky Twohig, on Wednesday evening to host the live chat.

DS Hill said: “Incidents of sexting are seen across Jersey every single day, some are reported to police but most to teachers and parents. If you talk to any teenager they are likely to know someone who has sent an image of this kind.

“What we need to do is ensure they know the risks involved with this practice and remind them if you wouldn’t print these images and pass them around your school or show them to your parents then they are not appropriate to share via your phone.”

The chat will take place via the Force’s Facebook page between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesday evening. Questions can be posed anonymously if the person wishes.

You can also join the conversation live or review the full transcript afterwards by clicking the link below ...



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