Jersey Lifts - Message to parents

​It’s a warning that has been given to children for generations – don’t take lifts from strangers – and it is this advice that Police are reminding parents of now.

Over the last 24 hours officers have delivered letters to those people frequently offering lifts to others in return for cash via social media reminding them that what they are doing is illegal and if caught will be prosecuted.
However, the message to parents is one of safety – Do you know who the person is that your child is getting into a car with? Do you know whether they will be safe?
Superintendent Rob Bastable, Head of Uniform Services, said: “Whilst we have been looking at the issue of illegal lifts we have heard various people saying “it’s just kids making a bit of extra cash so leave them to it”, and whilst we understand that opinion the fact remains that those offering lifts for cash are breaking the law.
“Unlike taxis they are not regulated, not insured and have not been through the strict checks that those who have taxi licenses have to. As it says in the letter if caught we will look to prosecute those involved as they have been warned a number of times.
“That said we do have an overriding concern for safety. If you get into a car with someone you don’t know you are instantly vulnerable, do you know who they are? Do you know whether their intentions are honest?
“Most young people are taught to not get into a car with a stranger - why has that changed because it is organised through social media? We are asking parents to have a chat to their child and re-iterate our safety advice.”

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