Acquistive crime drops 21%

Operation Crackdown – the drive to target career criminals – resulted in the tracking of 50 criminals throughout 2013.
One of these is currently in La Moye, and throughout the year others have been charged and sentenced for a variety of offences including larceny from a motor vehicle and taking without owners consent.
The Operation Crackdown campaign, which launched in 2013, will continue into 2014 and will involve a bigger element of “predictive policing” where we not only focus on the minority of individuals who commit the majority of island crime but also more of a focus on reducing crime before it happens.
In conjunction with TTS posters will be produced for each town car park reminding people to lock their cars and take their valuables with them, because while acquisitive crime dropped by 21% in 2013 many crimes could still have been avoided.
Acting Inspector Craig Jackson said: “For the past year we have made life very difficult for career criminals, and they know that if they insist on disrupting the lives of innocent islanders we will stay on their backs, arrest them and put them before our courts.
“This tough approach has reduced acquisitive crime by 21% but there is still much today and once again we ask for the public’s help. Don’t make life easy for thieves by keeping your property safe.
“Take simple steps like removing valuables from cars, locking your doors and windows and just generally being vigilant with your property. Many thieves are opportunists, we want your help taking away the opportunity.”
Minister for Transport Deputy Kevin Lewis said: “TTS works closely with the police to provide safe and secure public parking. While this successful partnership means there relatively few problems in our car parks, it is important that the public take notice of police guidance and make sure vehicles are securely locked and valuables are removed.
“By following this advice, motorists can support the police’s work and help ensure Jersey continues to have the low crime environment we all enjoy”.

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