Town Police Station is on the move

The Town Policing Unit is on the move this week – as they take up residence in their new home.

Previously housed in the Royal Square the unit, which provides visible and responsive policing to the town centre, will be moving up the road to 23 Hill Street on Thursday.

Inspector Mark Coxshall, Head of the Operational Support Unit, said: “One of the Force’s aims is to be ‘visible and responsive’ and having a town base for the TPU allows them to do that.

“They can spend the majority of their time out on the street, allowing them to avoid coming back to HQ when they need to update files, make telephone calls or complete essential paper.

“The centralised location is also aimed at being considerate towards commercial needs of local traders, for example when statements need to be recorded, allowing them to get back to their businesses as quickly as possible. The position is similar for members of the public who might approach officers in town and saves them the inconvenience of needing to attend and make statements at our main PHQ.

“The town base has proven in the past to be a very welcomed facility and we look forward to that continuing.”


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