Flood Warning!

Weather conditions and the level of rainfall tonight and during the early hours of tomorrow morning will increase the risk of flooding in low-lying areas of Jersey.
Historically, the areas which are most at risk from flooding are Grands Vaux, Tesson Mill, Vallee des Vaux and other low-lying areas, however all Islanders can help protect their own property by remaining vigilant.
People can help to protect their property from flooding by ensuring that the drains around your property are clear from debris. The emergency services are also asking people who have elderly or vulnerable residents or friends who live in areas which could be affected to make sure that they are safe.
Weather and risk updates will issued as needed during the night.
Two helpline numbers have been set up. They are 612015 and 612045 for people who are concerned.
People can also stay in touch with updates through social media and by listening to local radio updates.
With the hightened risk of inland flooding, Jersey Fire & Rescue advised people to read the below safety leaflet



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