Officers kept busy over Christmas

Below shows the summary of Policing activity during the 4 day Christmas weekend from 5pm Christmas Eve until 9am Monday morning

  • 177 Incidents were reported to SOJP
  • 34 arrests were made including 5 assaults, 18 Public Order, & 1 Drink Driving
  • There were 10 reported missing persons
  • There were 30 Child Protection Notifications
  • There were 13 Domestic Violence Incidents

‘Much of our demand over the Christmas period was due to excess consumption of alcohol. As we approach New Years eve, we encourage all islanders to enjoy the night & celebrate without making themselves vulnerable or at risk through excess consumption of alcohol – or finding themselves being accommodated by the SoJP as a result of drinking too much. First & foremost, we are here for your safety – don’t jeopardise that by drinking to excess.’


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