Think Safe, Drink Safe

It’s that time of year when many people want to go out, have a few drinks and enjoy the festive season which is why safer drinking is under the spotlight in the States of Jersey Police’s Advent Calendar.

As part of the focus the Force’s Licensing Support Team will be setting up a mobile bar in Broad Street between 5pm and 8pm tonight (Thursday) to chat to late night shoppers about the harm caused by drinking to excess.*
The advent calendar also features an interview with a member of the LST, as well as a blog of a day in the life of the team.

Extra officers will be out and about in the run up to the festive period to support licensees and ensure islanders have a good time and also stay safe.

Inspector Mark Coxshall, Head of the Operational Support Unit, said: “Christmas is a very busy time for the States of Jersey Police, not least because of the numbers of Christmas parties that are happening.

“The majority of people want to go out and have a good time but there will always be a small number who go too far. To those people we would like to say to think about what you are doing and know your limits – we don’t want you to wake up in a cell.

“Our aim, and that of the licensees and our partner agencies, is for people to go out, have a good time and get home safely.”


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