Agencies on hand for post GCSE support

Officers from the States of Jersey Police, as well as a number of other agencies will be on hand on Thursday evening to offer young people support – and a game of inflatable footie!

The officers will be out and about with the colleagues from the Youth Service, Freedom Church and the Community Sports Development to chat to young people about their results and to offer them activities to help celebrate their success.

Community Sports Development has played an important role in diverting antisocial behaviour through the Friday night league and with other activities around the island.

This Thursday they will be setting up the inflatable football in Millennium Park.

Paul Brannan, Community Sports Development Officer, said “The inflatable football has proved a popular fixture on a Friday evening so it seemed the right choice to get it out on Thursday evening for young people to come and have a game, and let off some steam after months of exam stress.

“Anyone aged between 12-17 years of age are welcome to come down and have a game of football.”

Inspector Mark Coxshall said “Previous years have at times seen large groups of youths congregating and the aim of this year’s work is to provide support and alterative activities to help young people celebrate their successes.

“GCSE exams can be incredibly stressful for young people and we understand that when that weight is lifted off their shoulders they want to cut loose, we just want to make sure they are safe and not causing any issues for themselves or other people.

“It’s also a chance for us to chat to them and let them know that whatever grades they have achieved that there are lots of opportunities for them and lots of people wanting to help.”

In different ways, the agencies regularly interact with young people and this is just an extension of that work as we aim to be available for support. Agencies will be available during the afternoon and evening on Thursday.

Sarah Hawthornthwaite of Freedom Church said “We will be in Millennium Park and available to move to other parts of the island. This is a great opportunity to interact with the islands young people”.

The Youth Service street based team is out every Thursday afternoon in the town area as well as the Mobile Bus Project at Millennium Park on Friday night’s to offer support to young people.

The Move On drop in café at Liberation Square is open throughout the summer if any young person wants to come in and ask advice about college, plans for their future or just have a game of pool and a cup of tea. Opening times can be found on the Jersey Youth Service Facebook page.


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