Millennium Park update

Further enhancements of Millennium Park are being considered following feedback from the public.

During February half term, the States of Jersey Police took the opportunity to consult with park users and residents on what they wanted from the park and the police.

The work involved surveying park users, talking with residents, using social media to seek out views and holding a live web chat to get feedback on the park.

Inspector Mark Coxshall, head of the Operational Support Unit, said: “Since it opened we have received a number of complaints in relation to Millennium Park, but instead of dealing with the cause we have perhaps been trying to address the effects which does not necessarily provide for sustainable longer term solutions.

Representatives from Transport and Technical Services (TTS), Youth Service, Honorary Police, Parish of St Helier, Community and School Sports Department and Freedom Church have been working on the plans for the past few weeks and specifically responding to feedback received.

Inspector Coxshall said: “As a group of organisations, we decided that we needed to look at what people thought of the park, what it was being used for, and what we could do to make it better.

The existing caged area is currently laid out for football but the feedback is that it is underutilised and would be better suited for other sports and activities, namely skateboarding.

TTS have given consideration to amending the use of the caged area and have agreed in principal to undertake the ongoing work but are also looking at alternatives in order to maximise the use of the facilities available. ”

Fay Gibaut, TTS Manager, said: “We want to make the park a space where everyone can go and enjoy themselves. The feedback from users suggests this may be a great way to do that. We will now be looking at how we can make this happen, as well as asking young people exactly what they want this new space to look like.”

John Cornwall of the Youth Service and Sarah Hawthornthwaite of Freedom Church undertake work in the Park every Friday and Saturday night and are well placed to understand the views and concerns of young people. As the park is such an attractive place to be, opportunities to enhance the facilities need to be capitalised upon.

Paul Brannan, Community Development Office (Sport), said: “Our sport sessions are hugely popular because anyone can come and join in, and we are adding more sports in to the mix this year. To have the police on board is great and we look forward to working with them.”

Inspector Coxshall said: “Opportunities to convert the existing cage area would resolve many of the issues that the States of Jersey Police have responded to over recent times. In short, the source of problem is being tackled”.


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