Introduction of Taser

Following the agreement by the States for the introduction of Taser, Supreintendent Rob Bastable said:

"The States of Jersey Police have been concerned for some time about not having a non-lethal option available, where our only option beyond CS Spray or baton was a firearm.

"We understand why there have been concerns about the capability and safety of Taser and we hope that the public have been reassured that Tasers will only be authorised and deployed by specially trained firearms officers to serious incidents where there is an immediate threat or potential threat to life or serious harm.

"Taser has often proved to be an effective tactical option for use against individuals who are offering such violence that force is necessary to protect the public, police officers or the individual themselves. Those using Taser will be undergoing rigorous training, and will continue to do so to ensure their competency and the same authorities will be required which are currently required for the deployment of firearms.

"We are grateful that the States have reached this decision, and we hope by having this additional tactical option that we can continue to ensure our island is a safe place to live."


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