Emergency advice

The States of Jersey Police are reminding islanders what to do in an emergency following an incident this morning.

At around 8.30am this morning officers received a number of calls relating to the manner of driving a van on its way to hospital.

Islanders were concerned about the behaviour of the driver who was rushing through traffic towards town from the west of the island.

Once officers contacted the driver it was discovered that his employee had been involved in an industrial accident and he was taking him as quickly as possible to the hospital.

Inspector Matt Le Monnier said: “Whilst we understand why this man was hurrying to get his employee to the hospital we would advise people to call emergency services to help if they are ever in the same situation.

“All of the blue light services are trained to drive safely through traffic at speed and deal with this kind of emergency. The potential risk this vehicle posed to other road users whilst driving in this manner was considerable.

“We are all here to help you anytime so please if you need us call 612612 or in an emergency call 999.”


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