Islanders still drinking and driving

Police are urging islanders who are still prepared to take the risk in drinking and driving to put a stop to this dangerous activity after five people were caught by Police over the weekend.
The news of the five arrests comes after six further arrests the weekend before.
All those who were found to be over the drink drive limit have been released for imminent charge or have been already charged.
Acting Chief Inspector Lee Turner said: "It's frustrating for us that despite continued high profile enforcement, strong deterrent messages and the abhorrence shared by most of society in respect of drink-driving, people are still prepared to take the risk, and the levels of alcohol we have detected in most of these people have been vastly over the legal limit.
"The simple message is that neither we nor the wider community will tolerate it. Those people that take such risks are not only putting themselves in danger, but also their passengers as well as innocent road users.   You are risking death or serious injury to yourselves and others, as well as the significant social and financial impacts of being caught and losing your licence."

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