Five vehicles impounded in road check

Officers from the States of Jersey Police and DVS have impounded five cars this week following two road checks.
The two checks, at La Collette and Long beach Grouville, stopped around 1600 cars and found five vehicles with defective tyres which were immediately impounded.
Officers also reported two people for not having a driving licence and a further 15 were dealt with by means of a defect notice to fix their vehicles and present them to DVSD on completion. The defects ranged from dangerous sharp edges to lighting defects.
Roads Policing Officer Andy Linsell said: "It is incredibly worrying to see that people just aren't maintaining their vehicles.
"A growing trend seems to be vehicles owned by a third party, for example parents having vehicles registered for their children to use. That means that if we find that vehicle is defective both the driver and the owner of the vehicle in this example the parents, as they have a responsibility to maintain the vehicles owned by them will be reported for any defects found."
The States of Jersey Police and Driving and Vehicles Standards carry out road checks on a regular basis and will be stepping up checks in the evenings as the nights draw in.
Chris Le Maistre, from DVS, said: "It is extremely dangerous to drive on worn or defective tyres. Vehicle owners should check their tyre pressures weekly and visually check for lumps, bulges or cuts in the side walls of their tyres.
"As we move into the winter months it is important to see that all your lights are in good condition and in good working order.

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