Air display road closures

Thursday 12th September sees the annual Jersey Air Display and to ensure the event runs safely and smoothly there will be a number of road closures and parking changes listed below.
Victoria Avenue will close as from 12.00 Noon until 5.30pm from West Park to Bel Royal.
It is also asked that cycles do not use the cycle track from West Park to Bel Royal during this time they can use the avenue with carry.  Paris Lane, Tyneville Lane, Farley's Lane and Rue du Galet will also be closed. 
There will be No Parking along Gloucester Street from 7.00am until 6pm on Thursday 12th September.  
There will be No Parking along Peoples Park car park and the former Inn on the Park car park from 6pm on Wednesday 11th September until Friday 13th September at 10am.  
No Parking in Laybys 1 & 2 from 11th September at 5.30pm until 12th September at 5.30pm.
There will be No Parking on either side of St. Aubins Inner Road from West Park to Bel Royal from 9.00a.m until 5.30p.m. If any car is parked on the inner road it will be libel to a fine and or towed away.
Motorists are asked not to Park on Westmount Road and around Mont Bingham.
Parking will be permitted on Victoria Avenue from 12 noon until 2pm entry only at First Tower and La Rue du Galet; cars must park facing the direction that they will be departing home and must leave by 5pm. 

Cars must be moved immediately after the display. Motorists are asked to take car of pedestrians as they leave.

There is no parking on both sides of the Victoria Avenue in front of the Lower Park. 

The lay-bys are available for parking for the display; motorists are asked that they stay parked in the lay-bys until the end of the display.

First Tower Park is going to be open to the public to park from 11am until 6pm motorists are asked to enter via Hansford Lane and exit the same way.
St. Aubin's beach is closed from the western wall of Elizabeth Marina and La Haule slipway to the public from 1200pm until 5.30pm on both Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th September 2013. 
If you are able to take alternate routes between 11.30am and 6pm on Thursday please do so as this would help.

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