Respect message given to islanders

Officers have been out in force this week talking to groups of road users about their concerns and how to stay safe.
Hundreds of islanders have been spoken to following a series of initiatives aimed at reminding people of their responsibility to one another on the road.
The focus days, which carried the slogan "Let's look out for each other, incorporated many elements including school visits, road checks, online videos and a live web chat.
On Tuesday officers started the event with a focus on pedestrians alongside Prison! Me! Now Way!!, followed by a day talking to cyclists on their commute and at lunchtime in town and finally a day of focus on drivers and motorbikes.
As well as offering advice officers also got the chance to speak to people about their concerns and answer questions face-to-face and online.
Some statistics from the campaign include:

  •  More than 400 cyclists spoken to during their commute
  • Many were wearing suitable safety equipment, including cycle helmets
  • Drivers reported for a variety of offences including driving through red lights, failing to have a driving licence and one person who was driving at 72mph in a 40 zone.
  • In one two hour road check with DVS 20 defect notices were given, three vehicles impounded and one scrapped
  • A live web chat was held with Road Safety Officer Philip Blake and Inspector Mark Coxshall and was joined by 150 islanders, who stayed and watched the chat for an average of 50 minutes and got great feedback from them.
Inspector Mark Coxshall, who organised the event, said: "This is a different message for the States of Jersey Police, often we offer advice and try to educate people, however this time we wanted to remind people of their responsibility on the road.
"We have a huge amount of respectful road users, but there are some that insist on driving badly and even breaking the law. We won't tolerate that behaviour no matter what their chosen mode of transport. We share the same roads, have the same rights and therefore we all follow the same rules.

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