Let's Look Out for Each Other

The States of Jersey Police are planning a number of focus days to highlight the importance of road safety with specific emphasis on all road-users sharing the roads and looking out for each other, particularly as the days are drawing in and visibility and driving conditions are affected.
Up until the end of August serious road collisions were down slightly on last year, however "all injury collisions are showing an increase. Most of these could have been avoided.
Over three days in early October the Force, along with many of our partner agencies, are looking at road safety issues surrounding key road users “ pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists.
Each day will feature a number of initiatives with each group in mind to remind people that no one group is more important than the others on the roads and we all have a responsibility to keep each other safe.
A brief summary of the plans are “
Tuesday, October 8th “ Focus on pedestrian safety. Road safety officer Philip Blake will be attending Rouge Bouillon School to talk to year 6 pupils as part of Prison! Me! No Way!! Jersey.
Wednesday, October 9th “ Focus on cycle safety. Officers from "A shift led by Acting Inspector Mark Coxshall will be talking to commuting cyclists on their way into and out of work about staying safe and any safety issues or concerns they may have. Over the lunch hour they will be in the precincts along with the Force Road Safety Officer, Child Accident Prevention and the Honorary Police to answer any road safety questions shoppers and workers have.
Thursday, October 10th “ Focus on drivers and motorcyclists. Roads Policing Officer PC Andy Linsell will be conducting a road check with the help of Driver and Vehicle Standards and Honorary Police colleagues. Officers from the Town Policing Unit will be paying particular attention to motoring offences including red light infractions and using mobile phones whilst driving.
All these elements will be supported by online information via the Force website and social media, including key messages and interviews.
People will also have the chance to ask questions through a live web chat on Thursday evening with Acting Inspector Mark Coxshall and Road Safety Officer Philip Blake.
Acting Inspector Coxshall, who is organising the initiative, said: "The three days are to highlight the importance of sharing the roads responsibly, giving regard to the safety and rights of other road users and to warn against the dangers of using the roads illegally and irresponsibly.
"We want to educate drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists about checking their visibility, distance and speed, making sure seat belts are always worn, ensuring drivers are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and they are not distracted by mobile phones or other electrical equipment.
"Enforcement against dangerous road use happens around the clock and throughout the year across the island, however we need the public to take responsibility for their road behaviour and the effect it could have on others.

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