Police favourite retires

One of the States of Jersey Police's favourite faces is retiring after seven years of loyal service.
Police dog Thor has tracked criminals, found missing people and helped to calm public disorder during his time with the Force but will be retiring at the end of next month.
Thor joined the States of Jersey Police in September 2006 after completing a 13-week training course in the UK in only 8 weeks. Together with his handler PC Dave Bisson they returned to Jersey and immediately undertook operational duties.
PC Bisson and Thor quickly became a strong team “ six months after starting work together they returned to the UK for required refresher training and achieved the advanced grade. They maintained this standard throughout Thor's service, and even achieving one year, the highest possible grade of ˜excellent'.
PC Bisson said: "Thor was the perfect first dog to have; doing everything that was asked of him whilst being calm and relaxed when not working.
"It has certainly been a pleasure working with Thor and it is sad to say goodbye to that relationship after seven years of working together every day.
In the past seven years Thor has had success in tracking offenders, locating stolen property, calming public disorder and on two occasions locating people who had gone missing.
In October 2010 Thor and PC Bisson were given a certificate of appreciation from the Superintendent for finding a man who had wandered off on the North Coast headland and tried to end his life. Without Thor he would not have been found.
On another occasion Thor found a woman who had been missing for seven weeks in a derelict property. She was also in a poor state of health but who, as a result of being found by Thor, went on to make a full recovery.
Thor is still fit and well and is still very keen and motivated to continue working, however he is starting to show signs of wear and tear, so in line with Police dog guidelines will retire at the age of 8, in the hope that he will have several more years of happy life during his retirement.
His handler, PC Bisson is going to be keeping Thor as a pet and he will be in good company with Oscar and Benson - both Labrador Retrievers.
And PC Bisson will be going back to the UK at the beginning of April to undertake another 13-week training course and will hopefully return at the beginning of July with another Police dog, who he hopes will be as good as his old partner Thor.

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