Operation Road Runner re-launch

The States of Jersey Police's focus on road safety continues in 2013 with the launch of Operation Road Runner “ On Two Wheels!
Last year the Force launched Road Runner, aimed at tackling the fatal four driving behaviours which can cause the most serious injuries and deaths on our roads “ those being speeding, drink driving, use of mobile phones and not wearing a seatbelt.
This year that work will continue but with an added emphasis on the safety of those on two wheels.
In 2012 the States of Jersey Police recorded 115 collisions where cyclists and motorcyclists were hurt (34 v 81), that is compared to 121 in 2011 and 131 in 2010.
Of the 115 injured in 2012, 24 of them were classified as serious, according to Home Office guidelines .
On March 8th, the campaign will re-launch with a road show at Highlands College, speaking to 50 plus students about general road safety but also bike awareness.
DVS will also be attending the school to talk bike maintenance as the students are at an age where they are thinking about getting mopeds and some may already have them.
The campaign is also being supported by local bike shops. Biker's and Motorama have pledged to provide free bike checks and 20 per cent discount on safety gear for a limited period. Additionally, Bikers, Motorama, Bob's Motorcycles and Bissons all have a supply of safety leaflets providing road safety advice to bikers.
The Force will also be introducing BeeBarr the cartoon police bike who will give safety advice to children in the coming weeks.
BeeBarr will have his own social media accounts, as well as a place on the Force's website. The character will help to highlight road safety messages and support pro-active campaigns.
Road Safety Officer Philip Blake said: "Operation Road Runner was very successful last year and we spent a lot of time in schools talking to students about road safety as well as helping islanders to understand the reasons for our campaign and how dangerous these four issues are.
"This year, in addition to focusing our efforts on highlighting the dangers of drink driving, speeding, not wearing a seat belt and using a mobile phone while driving, we will be placing extra emphasis on bikes as we are concerned at the numbers of cyclists and motorcyclists hurt on the road.
This is of course something that is not always their fault, which is why we are using the slogan on some of our advertising ˜See me now “ take longer to look for bikes' in an effort to urge motorists to keep a good eye out for cyclists and bikers when out driving.

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