Clampdown on insecure loads

A 59-year-old driver was arrested yesterday following a police clampdown on vehicles carrying insecure loads.
The 59-year-old man was stopped by officers on Victoria Avenue because of the insecure load he was carrying, he was also found to be driving whilst disqualified.
He will be charged with both offences.
Following this incident and other reports from members of the public the States of Jersey Police will be looking at the safety of works vehicles and acting if they pose any danger to other road users.
Acting Inspector Jon Breeze said: "It is incredibly dangerous for works vehicles not to secure their cargo. If they have to brake sharply then it d"sn't bear thinking about what damage that load could do to other road users and pedestrians in the vicinity.
"It takes a few extra minutes to tie down whatever you are carrying, and if you don't you are breaking the law and if caught you will be charged.

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