What was Tuula worried about?

Six months after officers made their first appeal for information about murdered Tuula Hook more than 50 calls have been received.
Those calls, about a murder which took place in December 1966, have provided valuable information which was not previously known to the Police.
Tuula was last seen alive at a bus stop in Georgetown at around 8pm on Friday 30th December 1966. Her body was found in the muddy entrance to a field in La Rue Laurens, St Clement, the following morning; she had been beaten about the head with some form of heavy implement.
The officer leading the current investigation, Acting Chief Inspector Lee Turner, said: "Investigators have continued to follow up a number of lines of enquiry and have made significant progress in identifying and investigating a number of persons of significant interest, as well as eliminating some persons previously of interest.
"I am extremely grateful to those people who have come forward with information and for the co-operation of those whom we have approached during the course of our enquiries.
"We will shortly have exhausted current enquiries in the absence of any fresh leads but this case will always remain open as far as the States of Jersey Police are concerned. Presently we continue to work on a couple of areas of particular interest, and it is with these in mind that one last appeal for assistance is being made.
"Tuula had a number of jobs during her time in Jersey and the rationale for moving between these is understood, with one exception.
"Early in October 1966 she started work as a waitress at the Southampton Hotel at the Weighbridge and indications are that initially she seemed very happy here. By the end of the month however she was actively looking for work elsewhere and investigators are still trying to determine why she was so keen to leave. By the beginning of November she had started a new job elsewhere.
"At the beginning of December she received a phone call which disturbed her to the extent that she insisted that details of her next forwarding address were not revealed to anyone. The identity of this caller is still unknown. This was only three to four weeks after leaving the Southampton Hotel.
"On the 28th December she started her last job at the Plaza Restaurant adjacent to what was Wests' Cinema. As a foreign national she was required to advise her employer of her address. Tuula was reluctant to provide this, and in fact did not provide this before her death.
"Tuula was clearly nervous about a certain person or persons identifying where she lived and this continued up until the day of her death. This has remained an obvious concern to the investigation for some time and remaining enquiries in this respect are still on-going. It is with this focus in mind that one last appeal for information is being made.
"We are hoping that with this information someone may have a missing piece to the puzzle. Something they thought was irrelevant but could be critical. If in doubt please call us.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cold Case team directly on 612952, via police switchboard on 612612 or by emailing
Alternatively please contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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