Rollmine to be exploded

WW2 German Rollmine located at La Lands du Ouest, La Moye, St Brelade

On Friday 19th July 2013 at approximately 4pm a live item of ordnance namely a WW2 German improvised rollmine will be destroyed by controlled detonation in a gully below La Landes du Ouest, St Brelade.

Initially located by a member of the public in December 2012 the item was identified by the Island Bomb Disposal officer as a rollmine, more specifically a French WW1 27 cm High Explosive Shell approx. 365 lbs gross weight with an explosive content of approx. 50 lbs of Picric Acid - utilised by the Germans during the occupation and deployed as an improvised mine.

Weather, tidal issues and the difficulty in reaching the location has delayed the disposal operation until this week when it will be destroyed on a high tide to reduce the effects of blast and shrapnel.

A similar munition was destroyed in April 2012 at the Seymour Tower having been located on the Grand battery at Gorey Castle.

For the public's safety the current operation will require the common land at La Landes du Ouest between La Rue de la Corbiere and Le Chemin Des Signaux to be closed to the public between 8am and 4.30pm on the day in order to provide a minimum 200 metre outside safety zone from the point of the controlled detonation.

It is requested the general public keep clear of the disposal area between the above times including the popular fishing area below ˜La Moye Point'.

Warning signs will be put in place in addition to police/sentries located at various locations.

An exclusion zone of 300 metres will also be put in place in respect of marine activities off La Moye from 3pm until approx. 4.30pm “ a Harbours Department guard boat will be in position at the material times.

The Island Bomb Disposal Officer, Stuart Elliott apologises for any inconvenience the operation may cause but is essential to ensure public safety.


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