Don't Lose a Shed Load!

The States of Jersey Police are reminding people to lock up their belongings and not leave their valuables open to thieves.
With the sunny weather (finally!) here is tempting for islanders to leave doors, windows and sheds unlocked which only makes life easy for people the handful of dishonest people in the community.
Officer's advice is simple if you have something of value please lock it away, including locking doors, windows, garages and sheds.
Acting Chief Inspector Alan Williamson said: "We know that crime is dropping in Jersey however there are still a small number of people out there who live their lives by stealing from others. We are doing our best to see that they do not prosper however we need the help of the public.
"It is surprising how many incidents we go to of theft where property is not secure and people forget that can have an impact on an insurance claim.
And there are other simple steps you can take to help police. These include “
 Marking your property
 Registering your property “ this includes vital details of the property, even photographs
 Noting down details, for example a phones IMEI number

Report bad driving / riding

Domestic Abuse

Hate crime reporting

Caught on Camera

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