Crime down 21% in Jersey

Crime in Jersey has dropped another 21% in the first six months of 2013.
That comes on the back of a 4% drop in 2012 (detailed in the 2012 Annual Report) and 13% in 2011.
The annual report gives a detailed breakdown of all areas of police work including the drop in acquisitive crime, burglary and youth offending, all trends which have continued into 2013.
These successes are due to many reasons including police initiatives, working with partner agencies and of course support and assistance from the community.
But there were also areas which the Force needed to tackle, including the number of victims of domestic abuse which has been a huge focus for officers in 2013.
Chief Officer Mike Bowron said: "I feel incredibly proud of what the States of Jersey Police has achieved in the past few years. I have the pleasure of working with a great team of professional and hardworking officers and staff and I believe the statistics reflect that attitude.
"However, we are far from alone in what we do and as an island we benefit from the tremendous support from our Honorary Colleagues as well as our many other partners so we must thank them as well.
"2013 has so far been a very successful year and we will continue to work hard to make Jersey even safer for islanders and visitors.

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