Bobbies on the Buses

From today States of Jersey Police officers will be getting to their beats in the country parishes with a little help from Liberty Bus.
Currently officers get out to the smaller communities on bikes or in patrol cars however this new partnership will allow officers to talk to even more people on their way to those parishes by jumping on a bus.
This will also be helpful to younger officers who perhaps have not taken the relevant courses to drive police vehicles yet.
Inspector Mark Coxshall, who has developed the initiative, said: "We have been working for a while now on bringing back the personal touch to policing and our officers spend a lot of time visiting the smaller communities and residential areas.
"Some do this in a patrol car, some on a motorbike or pedal cycle however this gives us another option.
"It also gives us a chance to speak to more people about any community concerns or ask us any questions they may have or just to have a chat.
"This initiative means that police officers who are on duty and in uniform will be able to ride the bus for free to get about their duties and we would like to thank Liberty Bus for that opportunity.
Nikki Withe, fom Liberty Bus, said: "We are delighted to be working with the States of Jersey Police in this new initiative. will support the Police in their valuable role ˜on the beat' in rural areas of the community and add to the security of the travelling public. We hope it will also provide a real opportunity for the travelling public to engage with the Police in an informal setting."

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