Warning on illegal self defence products

The States of Jersey Police are warning islanders about buying illegal self defence products on the internet following an incident this week.
Officers were called by a member of the public who had bought a product known as FARBGEL from a web site which claimed it was not illegal.
The product was advertised as a defence spray designed to be used by a variety of people wishing to protect themselves and came with claims that it was legal and complied with regulations within the UK.
However, the States of Jersey Police, in consultation with Jersey Customs and Immigration, would like to inform members of the public that FARBGEL is a noxious liquid that would require a licence to import into the island and is therefore illegal if bought and imported into Jersey.
The product is a red gel that was bought in small dispensers approximately the size of a disposable cigarette lighter, when discharged the noxious fluid causes breathing difficulties, the red dye within the gel also then stains the face and clothing as an identifier.
If anyone has purchased any of these items in good faith they can be surrendered at the Police Enquiry desk with information as to where they purchased the items or contact the police on 612612 or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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