Re-investigation into murder of Tuula Hook

We have in the last few days passed the 46th anniversary of the brutal and as yet unsolved murder of Tuula Hook, a 20 year old Finnish girl, the oldest of four sisters.
Tuula had worked in Jersey in the summer of 1965 before returning to Finland to continue with her studies. She had however fallen in love with the Island, and returned after her studies in early summer of 1966.
She spent most of the summer working at the Pontac House Hotel and then moving into other jobs as the summer season finished. By 30 December 1966 she had moved into a property in Beach Road and had just started a new job at the Plaza Restaurant in what was West's cinema.
At about 7.30pm on Friday 30 December she left Beach Road to catch a bus from Georgetown to see friends at Pontac. It was raining heavily around that time.
There were several reported sightings of a person believed to be Tuula waiting at the bus stop between 7.30pm and 8pm, and reports of a vehicle or vehicles stopping near the stop, possibly offering Tuula a lift to get her out of the rain.  It's possible that she did accept a lift from someone for she is not believed to have got onto the bus when it eventually arrived.
The next time Tuula was seen was at a quarter to eleven the following morning, Saturday the 31 December 1966. She was dead, found lying in the entrance to a field on Rue Laurens, St Clement.
She had been beaten to death about the head and face with some form of heavy implement.  
Tuula's killer has not yet been identified, it's very possible that he or she is still alive and the States of Jersey Police are determined to do all that is possible within the constraints faced to ensure that justice is done for Tuula and to bring closure to Tuula's family. Tuula's mother and two surviving sisters continue to suffer daily as they have done for the last 46 years in not knowing what happened that night, why it happened and by whom.
I firmly believe that there is someone still living in Jersey today who holds vital information as to what happened to Tuula that night and who has not yet come forward to the police and shared this information. Perhaps someone close or known to them returned home that night or the next day acting strangely or out of character, perhaps even with injuries, or blood or mud on their clothing or vehicle. Perhaps their personality changed over the next few days or weeks, or perhaps in the months or years that followed they have said something which has caused others concern.
I am reaching out to any such person to now please come forward and provide information which might help us and the family. It's time to do this now and to unload the heavy burden of having kept such information for so long.  It's time now to end the long and tortuous suffering of Tuula's family, and to bring justice for Tuula herself.

I am also appealing for anyone who knew, had an association with, or knew of Tuula to please contact us.  The original investigation gathered a great deal of information about Tuula and her time in Jersey; there are however some remaining questions which I need answers to and I am hopeful people who knew her or of her will be able to help.
Anyone with information that might be connected, however small or seemingly insignificant this may seem to be can speak in person to myself or one of the cold case team by calling directly on 612952, via police switchboard on 612612 or by emailing:
Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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