Enquiry desk pilot scheme

As part of an ongoing focus on streamlining services and improving efficiency, States of Jersey Police is changing the way it runs its enquiry desk during night-time hours.
A six month pilot will get underway on Monday, January 7th, when the Enquiry Desk staff will move to support the Force Control Room at night, with any members of the public who do need to call at the desk, being able to link directly via an intercom facility at the entrance, allowing an officer to be allocated to respond.
The new scheme will operate between 10pm “ 7am Monday to Thursday nights, and between midnight “ 7am Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and follows a review of night-time activity at the Enquiry Desk which revealed that only a tiny number of callers ever attend the station in person during the night-time operating hours.
As part of the States' CSR saving initiatives, the Force has already had to lose one Customer Support Officer at the Enquiry Desk, which means that more police officers are being used to support the Desk while it is open.
The new initiative will mean that uniformed officers can be used more effectively out and about on frontline duties, while also ensuring that best use is made of the Enquiry Desk staff during the night-time hours, in support the Force Control Room and 999 calls response service.
The new intercom service will be provided by a direct-link telephone situated at the main entrance to the Enquiry Desk at Police Headquarters. Housed in a small shelter, where a person can wait for an officer to meet them to deal with their enquiry, the intercom phone rings directly into the Force Control Room, where a CCTV camera also provides the Duty Officer with visual monitoring of the entrance at Police HQ.
The Enquiry Desk project, which will be reviewed after the six-month pilot trial, is being spearheaded by Superintendent Andre Bonjour. "We must constantly review how we make best use of our resources to ensure we can continue to keep Jersey a safe and secure place. I am sure the public will be reassured that we have our uniformed police officers and police staff being used in the most effective and efficient way.
"This is a pilot project and we will be monitoring closely how well it works and whether any issues are identified as a result of the changed way of working.

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