Employers urged to check driving licences

Police are advising anyone who operates company vehicles to check their employee's driving licences following the arrest of a 33-year-old last week.
The man was arrested at a road check conducted at the junction of Mount Bingham and the Victoria Pier last Thursday morning (January 17th).
Officers from the Operational Support Unit stopped a commercial vehicle and subsequently arrested the driver on suspicion of driving without a licence and possession of a forged licence with intent to deceive.
He will now be prosecuted, as will his employer.
Sergeant Leo Sheridan of the Operational Support Unit, said: "Fleet Managers, Transport Managers and any individuals who employ someone to drive a company vehicle need to have in place strict and fool proof procedures to ensure that their drivers hold a full Jersey Driving licence.
"If this driver had been involved in a road traffic accident the companies Motor Traffic Insurance policy could be void and this could result in expensive civil litigation for the employer.
"Take some simple steps to ensure that you don't fall foul of this type of occurrence.
"Our advice is that to physically see the original driving licence and if possible keep a photocopy of it for your records.

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