Crime down in 2012

Figures for 2012 released today (Wednesday 30th January) show that overall crime is down by more than 4 per cent on 2011 - representing around 168 fewer crimes being committed over the past 12 months.
The news has been welcomed by the Force which was working on the back of a record-breaking year in 2011.
One of the Force's biggest commitments in 2012 was to reduce the number of burglaries across the island. Operation Hornet was launched in January not only to tackle the offenders but also educate islanders about securing their property.
This initiative resulted in a 22 per cent drop in break-ins during 2012 “ that equates to a 14 per cent drop in burglaries to homes and a 26 per cent drop in breaks to other buildings.
Another major initiative for the Force was road safety campaign Operation Road Runner. This focused on the Fatal Four dangerous driving behaviours “ speeding, drink driving, not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone.
The campaign was two-fold “ educate islanders about the impact of these behaviours and also tackle drivers breaking the law.
During 2012 officers caught 1,341 speeders (an increase of 51 per cent on 2011), 457 people using their mobile phone (14 per cent increase) and 505 people not wearing their seatbelts (32 per cent increase).
However 15 per cent less people were caught drink driving (185 compared to 217), a positive sign the messages are getting to the public.
Chief Officer Mike Bowron said: "2012 was our 60th anniversary year and I am delighted that the crime figures continue to fall and we are committed to see that continue.
"2012 was a busy year for officers with major incidents such as the Gas Place Fire to large-scale community events like the Olympic Torch Relay and the Diamond Jubilee Royal Visit.
"A drop in the crime figures is something to be extremely proud of and I hope the people of Jersey, and those who visit, will be reassured at our commitment to protecting and serving our communities. We will not be complacent, and the next 12 months will see the Force efforts focused on much more of the same.
"We want people to have confidence in us to do the right thing, to be there when they need us, to get results and to continue to play our part in the community.
"In the next few days we will be publishing our policing plan which will outline our priorities for 2013, although it must be said that behind the scenes that work has already started.
"I would also like to take their opportunity to thank the public for their support in all we do and also my officers and support staff who certainly make my job a lot easier with their dedication and hard work.

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