Seatbelt warning to drivers

The States of Jersey Police are warning parents to ensure their child is wearing a seatbelt correctly following an incident over the weekend.
Yesterday, whilst out on patrol, a motorbike officer saw a young child sat on the lap of their parent in the front seat of a van with the adult seatbelt wrapped around them both.
The officer pulled the vehicle over and the driver is being prosecuted.
Inspector James Wileman said: "This is a sad example of a child being carried in a vehicle without the safety restraints being used correctly. If you are carrying a child in a vehicle the correct restraints must be used, be that a child seat, booster cushion or a seatbelt of their own.
"It d"sn't bear thinking about what would have happened if that vehicle had been involved in a crash or even just had to brake sharply. The crush injuries inflicted on the child from the adult could have been significant.
"The message is simple - if your vehicle is not suitably equipped to carry children, just don't do it.
"Not wearing a seatbelt, or not wearing one properly, is one of the fatal four driving behaviours which increase the chances serious injury or death on our roads. We are committed to keeping our roads as safe as possible but we do need the public to help with that.
Anyone unsure of how to fit child seats can contact the States of Jersey Police's Road Safety Officer Philip Blake for advice.

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