Policing Plans for 2013

Chief Officer Mike Bowron has launched his Policing Plan for 2013. The plan sets out his blueprint for building on good police services but raising the bar for the police, their community safety partners and the public.

The 2013 States of Jersey Policing Plan published today, aims to build on a successful year of targeting specific crimes through pro-active operations.
One of the Force's biggest commitments in 2012 was to reduce the number of burglaries across the Island. Operation Hornet was launched in January 2012 to tackle the offenders and educate islanders about securing their property.
This initiative resulted in a 22 % drop in break-ins during 2012 “ that equates to a 14 % drop in burglaries to homes and a 26 % drop in break-ins to other buildings.
The Plan sets out how the Force will prioritise policing activities over the coming year in support of its four main commitments:
 Provide a visible policing presence to uphold the law and reassure the public

 Provide an efficient and effective response when people need help

 Work with local communities to ensure policing issues are discussed promptly and effectively

 Deliver an effective capability to Police major incident, emergencies and events
In 2013 the Force aims to build on the achievements of last year, with further proactive policing initiatives in the pipeline. Among them will be Operation Crackdown “ launched to target career criminals responsible for the island's acquisitive crime and Operation Amber aimed at changing perceptions about sexual violence on the Island.
A campaign to help victims of domestic abuse was also launched before Christmas and will continue throughout the year.
The 2013 Policing Plan also highlights the increasingly effective joint working between States of Jersey Police and the Honorary Police as they outline the key role they play in delivering effective policing across the Island.
Chief of Police Mike Bowron said: "I am proud of what the States of Jersey Police has achieved over the past two years. To see crime down again last year was a huge achievement, especially after the significant drop in 2011 and my officers and staff worked incredibly hard to see that happen.
"But we know we have to work even harder again this year and all I have asked of them is more of the same. The same commitment to the job, the same enthusiasm and the same dedication, with that hopefully we will see our island become even safer.  
"One of our big priorities for this year is tackling career criminals. By challenging that minority of people who are responsible for the majority of the Island's crime, and hopefully helping them get on the straight and narrow, we will see crime fall further.
"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners who work tirelessly supporting us; we will continue to work with them into 2013 and make those relationships even stronger.

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