Police launch Operation Crackdown

Officers are focusing attention on career criminals in 2013 “ as part of new initiative Operation Crackdown.
Operation Crackdown will focus on a minority of individuals responsible for the majority of island crime.
The main focus will be on acquisitive crime and in particular thefts from cars. The links between this type of crime and drug offending is well established and in the last three months 71 per cent of acquisitive crime offenders have been found to be dependent on drugs.
The initiative will see officers engage with these prolific offenders and work with other agencies to help them tackle the causes of offending behaviour.
Detectives from the Priority Crime Team will take the lead on the initiative and work with the newly bolstered dog section to investigate crimes and identify offenders.
As well as the behind the scenes work officers will be giving crime prevention advice to the public about securing their property.
To emphasise the importance of security last year the States of Jersey Police had 163 recorded incidents of LUMV (larceny from an unattended motor vehicle) and of these 90 were left unlocked or insecure. That amounts to over half.
In 55 per cent of the cases the victims had valuables on view within the vehicle.
For 42 per cent of the 163 cases the vehicles were insecure and had property on view.
Police are now urging islanders not to leave valuables in their vehicle and lock it - even if it is only unattended for a short time “ and are asking anyone who may notice any suspicious activity near vehicles to call officers immediately using 999.
Acting Inspector Craig Jackson, head of the Priority Crime Team, said: "In 2012 Operation Hornet proved a great success and Operation Crackdown will take that one step further.
"By working with the offenders we hope to break their cycle of crime. However if they persist with their offending behaviour we will of course be focused on arresting them and bringing them before the courts.
"We will also be raising awareness about the importance of removing valuables from view and of course locking your car and property.
"Theft from a vehicle is a preventable crime and can be avoided. If you don't leave valuables in your car then they can't be stolen. And if you lock your car then you are not making life easy for criminals.

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