Love shouldn't hurt!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching the States of Jersey Police are reminding people that love shouldn't hurt.
For most people Valentine's Day symbolises a day to tell your partner that you love them. For someone in an abusive relationship it is just another day “ a day that they live in fear.
Just before Christmas the Force launched a year long campaign to tackle domestic abuse and with support agencies will be focusing on getting help for the victims, and perpetrators, of abuse.
And that message g"s out to men and women who currently suffer in silence.
Detective Inspector Paul Kennea said: "Abusive relationships normally start with hearts and flowers then descend into violence but by then people are too scared to leave.
"I want to tell those people that they don't have to live like that. My team of officers are at the other end of the phone and they can help you. We work with a number of other agencies to help you get out of an abusive household and rebuild your life.
"We know there are people out there suffering who haven't reported their domestic abuse to anyone, we want them to think about their situation and remember that love shouldn't hurt like this.
The States of Jersey Police work with a number of agencies to tackle domestic abuse. They are -
  • Women's Refuge (freephone) - 0800 735 6836  
  • Public Protection Unit at the States of Jersey Police - 612240
  • Childline (freefone) - 0800 1111
  • Children's Services - 443500
  • NSPCC Child Protection (24 hour freephone) - 0808 800 5000
  • Victim Support - 440496
  • Citizens Advice Bureau (freefone) - 0800 735 024
  • Crimestoppers (24 hour freefone) - 0800 555 111
In an emergency please call 999.

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