Islanders warned about donating money

Islanders are being warned to check who they are donating money to after youths tried to obtain money saying they were students doing a sponsored walk.
Over the past couple of days the States of Jersey Police has recieved reports that youths are knocking on doors in the town area asking for sponsorship for a sponsored walk.
They carry with them a photocopied sponsorship form with a few signatures on it and say that they are students of Highlands College. Once the youths have received the money they run off. Police have taken two reports of this type of incident over the weekend.
The Police and one of the members of public have contacted Highlands in an attempt to verify whether there is a sponsored walk taking place but the college have no knowledge of any event of this type taking place at this time.
Police ask that if members of the public are approached by these youths that they do not hand over any money until they have contacted the college and verified if the event is legitimate.
One of the youths is described as being approximately 5ft6 tall, slim build, short dark brown hair wearing a black top with a green logo on the left hand side of the top, Black jogging bottoms and black trainers, aged between 18-19 years old.

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