Recruits join ranks

Twelve new Police Officers are going to be joining the ranks of the States of Jersey Police after being sworn in at the Royal Court on December 13th, before taking part in their passing out ceremony the following day.

The dozen recruits, four women and eight men, have undergone a 15-week intensive training programme to get them ready for life as a Police Officer.

The group have been joined on their training by six probationary officers from Guernsey who will be sworn in at Guernsey’s Royal Court.

All 18 recruits will be inspected by the island’s Lieutenant Governor Sir John McColl during their passing out ceremony on Saturday at the TA Centre, where they will be joined by the Band of the Island of Jersey.

Inspector Sara Garwood said: “Being formally sworn at the Royal Court is a proud moment for any police officer. It is the culmination of 15 weeks of intensive learning where they have been pushed and challenged ready for their future career as a police officer.”

Following their official swearing in the recruits will be presented with their warrant cards by Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor in a ceremony with family and friends.

They then have to take a two-year probationary period where they will put the skills and knowledge they have learnt during the course to the test.


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