Turbo performs on first night shift

The States of Jersey Police's newest police dog Turbo has started his first night shift in style after tracking two men accused of assaulting a taxi driver and skipping the fare.
Turbo, and his handler PC Dave Bisson, were working their first night shift together on Friday night when they were flagged down by a taxi driver who said he had been punched by two men who had run off without paying the fare.
Turbo quickly picked up a scent and led PC Bisson through an estate and to the front door of the men believed to be involved.
Pc Bisson, who has only just returned to the Force with Turbo, said: "It's a great experience when you have your first successful job. With Thor I had to wait for a few weeks for that but with Turbo it just happened to be on our first night shift.
"He did exactly what I asked of him and it is a wonderful feeling to get over that first hurdle.
"As the handler you are so pleased but at 3 in the morning there were not many people to ring and tell who would have been as pleased as me! I am not sure Turbo quite understood why he was getting so much praise, it's just another game to him.
Turbo is PC Bisson's second General Purpose Dog after retiring Thor a few months ago. Thor now lives with PC Bisson at home, and is enjoying life in retirement.
"Thor is definitely enjoying putting his feet up and having spent years doing what I tell him to do now likes to ignore me and listen to my wife, she jokes he has become her dog!
"He was a bit confused when I brought Turbo back with me and he sees him getting in the van ready for work in the morning, but he seems to be enjoying the good life too much to bother for too long!

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