Taking Amber on the road

The "Ask. Listen. Respect message is to be taken on the road this week as two police vehicles are branded with the posters.
The campaign, which was launched earlier in the year, is aimed at changing attitudes towards rape and sexual assault by -
 Educating islanders on rape and sexual assault, particularly amongst children and young people, with emphasis on consent, through a media and poster campaign
 Spread awareness of the law
 Raise awareness that excess alcohol can increase someone's vulnerability, but offenders who take advantage of someone's intoxication are still committing a serious offence
 Promote the work that the police and other agencies do with victims of sexual violence
 Help victims understand the process of reporting and investigating such a crime
 Encourage people to re-think their views on rape and sexual assault
Throughout the year there have been a number of initiatives including extra training for frontline officers, with more planned for the coming months including an educational stall at Jersey Live and visits to St Helier at night to talk to party g"rs.
But it's hoped the new vehicle livery will help raise awareness of the campaign.
Detective Sergeant Louise Clayson, from CID, said: "Using our vehicles is a simple yet effective way of getting our message out there.
"Traditionally we keep the messages on our vans focused on road safety issues but we hope by doing something different it should have a lot of impact.
"Each van will feature a different image but with the same message that sex without consent is rape.
Further details about the campaign are on the website

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