Seniors officials meet to discuss road safety

Following another tragedy on the roads the Chief of Police and other senior officers met with Assistant Home Affairs Minister Senator Lyndon Farnham to discuss the subject of road safety in the island.
Discussions centred on whether the island is getting the mix of education and enforcement right and how to bring the number of road collisions down.
Chief Officer Mike Bowron said: "Since I joined the States of Jersey Police there have been 5 fatalities on our roads and more than 700 people injured. That is unacceptable.
"As a Force we have been working to educate islanders on their driving behaviour, as well as prosecuting people who put others in danger, however there is much more to do.
"Senator Farnham asked to meet to discuss general road safety and to look at whether we have the right balance of education and enforcement. One of the possibilities we discussed was a system similar to that of the UK where drivers are issued with fixed penalty points or have to complete an education program when they commit an offence on the road.
"The Assistant Minister is looking at whether that will be right for drivers here and could perhaps focus the attention of drivers and other road users.
"Islanders have absolute responsibility to their fellow road users and we are keen to remind people of that. Internally we are looking to see what our officers can do to keep people safe and the Assistant Minister is keen to work with us. We do not want to see another person injured, or killed, on our roads. We need the public to work with us to stop that happening.
Senator Farnham said: "Road safety is an incredibly important issue to islanders and we see far too many collisions on the roads. I want to know how we can stop it, whether that's through changes in the law or educating islanders on the impact their behaviour can have. The first step was to talk to the key stakeholders about what is happening and why, the next step is to look at how we tackle it.

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