Jersey Live hits 10 years

Officers from both the States of Jersey Police and the Honorary Police are hoping everyone who is going to this year's Jersey Live has a great time “ but reminding people our officers will be there if needed.
This is the 10th year of the event and officers want to make sure that everyone makes the most of the good music and the carnival atmosphere that comes from the weekend.
In recent years officers have seen significant reductions in the number of incidents and are confident that we will build on the success this year.
Positiv productions have assembled a team of event professionals who assist the planning and management of the Jersey Live festival to ensure that is a safe, fun environment and to minimise disruption to those living in the area.
But officers are also asking people to keep themselves safe and be respectful to others who may or may not be attending the festival.
 Take heed of all the advice given with regards to drop offs, taxi points and bus routes and to show respect for the parishioners of Trinity as well as other party g"rs.
 Officers will be there to make sure that all who go have an enjoyable time but as with every large event will not tolerate behaviour that could endanger individuals and other party g"rs so please consider your alcohol intake as well as your approach to problems that may arise.
 States Officers and Honorary Officers will be carrying out high-visibility patrols within the site and surrounding areas and at the same time deploying covert officers to identify and apprehend anyone dealing drugs.  People will be searched on their way in and anyone caught with illegal substances will be banned from entering and may face police arrest.
Chief Inspector Alan Williamson said: "The whole point of going to a festival is to enjoy the music and have fun with likeminded people, but make sure you stay safe and if there is any issue approach an officer or member of staff and we will help.
"Jersey Live is a great event to have on our small island. The States of Jersey Police and our Honorary colleagues are there to make sure everyone has a good time and g"s home safely.
Hugh Raymond Hon Police co-ordinator said: "Jersey Live is one of the events that the Hon Police look forward too as one sees many funny and interesting things going on and over the years we have found the atmosphere and the general repartee between the police and the party g"rs well humoured and fun so let us make this year no different and remember we there to help if there are any problems.

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