Computer scam warning

Islanders are being asked to be on their guard for a computer scam which is doing the rounds in the island.
The scammers try to obtain personal details and money from the people they target, sometimes by the way of cold calls, and in some cases, people allegedly posing as ˜technicians' who are pointing out a problem with your computer and offering to fix it.
They then gain access to your computer and with that perosnal details you have stored on there.
Acting Inspector Pete Barney said: "We would recommend that any person who wishes to deal with any company always carries out preliminary research regarding that company.
"Remember that if you are unsure about a company or caller for any reason, never give a caller your personal details and certainly never your bank account details or card number.
"One way of finding out company names you are suspicious of is by typing the alleged company name and "scam into an internet search engine.
"There will also be information on internet review sites regarding alleged internet companies. We would ask people to be on their guard for any kind of internet or email scam.
"Never agree to send off money, or part with personal information to a stranger who cold calls you, and remember, that your bank or building society would never contact you in this way. We want everyone to be aware of these scams."

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