Recruits take to water for training

Trainee police officers will be taking on a new challenge this cycle as they have to pass a lifesaving qualification.
The training, which has not been part of the recruits programme in the last few years, will be delivered by the Jersey Aquatic Rescue Club (JARC). The club teaches lifesaving skills, trains lifeguards and participates in competitions all across the UK.
This new element to the course was introduced as it was deemed an essential skill for young officers to have.
Trainer PC Simon Cross said: "As trainers we need to give our new recruits the skills to be equipped for any situation they may face, living in an island surrounded by water one of those situation may be a sea or water rescue.
"This course will give them the basic knowledge of what to do and how to deal with it and we are grateful to the Jersey Aquatic Rescue Club for helping us with that.
To say thank you the Force is making a donation to the club which they are going to use to purchase new kit for their lifesavers.
The club trains and maintains a team of qualified pool and beach lifeguards that provide safety cover for community events, and local clubs and organisations including the Jersey Swimming Club, Jersey Triathlon Club and DIPS. Club lifeguards also provide voluntary cover to assist RNLI lifeguards patrolling local beaches in Jersey during the summer months.
Club chairman Alan Le Pavoux said: "The Jersey Aquatic Rescue Club is delighted to have been asked to provide the lifesaving and water safety training for the latest Jersey and Guernsey Police recruits. It is among the club's key objectives to promote lifesaving and water safety to a wider audience and to build and maintain community partnerships in the island.
The training is taking place on April 4th at Langford Sports Centre.

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