Officers talk domestic abuse

Officers from the States of Jersey Police are gearing up to use social media to raise awareness of domestic abuse.
Victims of domestic abuse often find it difficult to speak out about their situation so officer's hope by discussing the number of cases they are dealing with it will show victims they are not alone.
The States of Jersey Police launched a campaign to target domestic abuse just before Christmas with a thought-provoking commercial airing on ITV Channel Television.
Inspector Paul Kennea, of the Public Protection Unit which works with victims of domestic abuse, said: "Thousands of islanders follow us on social media and many of them communicate with us on a range of subjects.
"Domestic abuse is something that can, and d"s, happen to anyone and it is happening within our community. It can have a long-term devastating effect on the victims and we take all instances of domestic abuse very seriously.
"We hope be that by raising awareness  of what domestic abuse is and how many cases we are working on will make victims realise they are not alone and hopefully will speak to someone about what is happening to them.
In the coming weeks officers will by giving daily updates about how many domestic violence referrals or incidents they have had.
They will also be discussing some of the more common excuses and stories that they hear, as well as answering any questions the public have on the subject.
Inspector Kennea said: "We hope by talking openly about the subject and inviting questions that the people living in violent, abusive relationships, of which we know there will be many, will realise that what they are going through is not acceptable and seek help.
"All posts will include #letstalkdomesticabuse and it's hoped this will be shared by our followers and we can spread the message across the island, especially to the people who need to hear it.
"However social media is not the forum to report emergencies, in those cases please call 999.
The social media hit will start on May 1st and run throughout the month.

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