Got milk? Crimestoppers campaign launches

Islanders are set to be reminded of the importance of passing on information about crime through a high profile advertising campaign developed by Jersey Crimestoppers using Jersey Dairy milk cartons.
The milk cartons, which are sponsored by NatWest, send out the message "Seen something, Heard something, Said nothing! and are designed to raise awareness of the 100% anonymous service provided by Crimestoppers.
It is hoped that the campaign will encourage islanders to play their part in bringing criminals to justice by saying something - if they know something - about crime in Jersey.
Over the next few months all 1 litre 1% fat milk cartons (the blue oneŸs) will carry messages on two sides of the carton which are designed to prod the conscience of anyone who has information but d"sn't pass it on to the police.
Aligned with a key policing priority in Jersey, the campaign specifically highlights that handling, buying or receiving potentially stolen goods supports the activities of criminals.
Niall McClure, Chairman of Crimestoppers in Jersey said "Fear of calling the police should not be a reason to say nothing and Crimestoppers offers either telephone or on-line ways to anonymously pass on that vital name or piece of information that may then help the police.
"Crime is reducing in Jersey and Crimestoppers wants to help reduce it even further. This campaign literally puts the Crimestoppers message in the hands of everyone who pours milk on their cereal in the morning, or in their well-deserved cuppa after a hard day at work. And the message is clear. If youŸve seen or heard anything about a crime - any crime - contact Crimestoppers. Your anonymity is guaranteed.
Around 750,000 cartons are due for release in the coming months.

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