Boys in blue go green!

The States of Jersey Police have been given an environmental pat on the back by becoming accredited as an Eco-Active Department as part of the State's island wide scheme.
The commitment is part of the State's over-arching plan to reduce the environmental impact caused by our day-to-day operations and activities.
There are a number of things departments sign up to when joining the scheme-
 Aim to improve environmental performance
 Reduce pollution, emissions and waste arising from our work
 Raise awareness and train employees to be more environmentally aware
 Reduce our carbon footprint
Work has already begun on making the Force more environmentally friendly including putting together an action plan of how to make the Force greener mainly through behaviour change and education.
The Force takes part in many green activities already, i.e. annual beach cleans and earth hour however the new status cements that work for the future.
Acting Inspector Jez Payne, who heads up the Eco-Active work within the Force, said: "Environmental issues have been very important to the States of Jersey Police for a number of years and this status helps to push that work forward.
"We as a Force want to ensure we are as green as possible and are responsible in what we do and the impact it could have on the environment so we are pleased to have been given this status which recognises that.

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