UK survey shows worrying trend

Police officers in Jersey are concerned about a UK survey which has shown that two in five drivers use their mobile telephones whilst at the wheel.

Unfortunately this type of behaviour d"s not appear to be restricted to the UK, with Jersey officers having caught 430 drivers using their mobile telephones in 2012.

In the survey, of the 42% who admitted to using their telephone whilst driving, 60% said it distracted them.

This year the States of Jersey Police launched Operation Road Runner to clampdown on the biggest causes of injuries and death on the roads. The Fatal Four behaviours being: speeding; drink driving; using a mobile phone; and not wearing a seatbelt.

Despite a strong educational element to the Fatal Four Campaign, disappointingly officers have still caught hundreds of people committing each of the offences.

Chief Inspector John Sculthorp, head of the Operation Road Runner campaign, said: "Although this a UK survey we are experiencing the same poor attitude to road safety here in Jersey.

"It should be obvious that drivers should be concentrating on driving, rather than making telephone calls, or perhaps worse texting whilst driving. As much as people may love their smart phones, it is just not smart to talk, text or tweet on the move.

"If something distracts you from driving, that could be the difference between a safe journey home and a serious road collision in which someone may be killed, or seriously injured.

"My message to drivers is please when you hear your telephone ring just think, is that call really that important


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