Meet our new police dogs!

The States of Jersey Police would like to introduce you to the latest members of our team “ our new police dogs.

 Pictured - Jake




Two new dog handlers, PC Richard Vinen and PC Duncan Gray, will shortly be leaving the island to train as dog handlers and these are the dogs that have been earmarked for them.

Both officers will start their general purpose dog training (GPD) next week when it will be decided which dog "fits with which officer, based on both of their characters and demeanours.

This is all due to happen at Surrey Police's training centre, which has a number of pups waiting to take up the career of a police dog.

Achilles and Jake, orginally called Chili and Djaego, are both just under a year old and have been named by officers in Surrey, but PC Gray and PC Vinen do have the option to change their names during the intense 13-week training.

 Pictured - Achilles 





Inspector Diane Wheeler, head of Operational Support, said: "The dogs are a huge asset to the force so it is exciting to see two new officers go off to complete their handler training.

"This is an intense and difficult course where they will learn basic skills, obedience and agility exercises. If this course is successfully completed, the dog and handler will be able to start patrol work.

"Despite the challenge both officers are very excited and we as a force are looking forward to seeing how they get on and of course meeting the dogs when they come back to the island.

Both officers will be keeping a diary of their activities and sending photos of theirs, and the dogs, progression.

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