Jersey Live - a thank you!

"A fantastic weekend" - that's how senior officers have described a relatively trouble-free Jersey Live.

The event, attended by thousands of people, saw only eight arrests, compared to 25 last year.

Officers have praised organisers for their zero tolerance approach to underage drinking and thanked the Youth Service for all their help over the weekend.

Chief Inspector John Sculthorp said: "It was a fantastic weekend, with the vast majority of people, both young and old enjoying the event whilst at the same time behaving appropriately.

"It was particularly pleasing that the numbers of young people who were found to be intoxicated was significantly down on previous years. What was very noticeable was that the levels of drunkenness across the board was way down on last year and this made the whole event much more enjoyable for all.

"Over the course of the weekend we made a handful of arrests, but a lot less than we would have done on a busy weekend in town.

"Overall it was a great weekend and we thank both the organisers and the public for making that happen.


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