Penalties for C-Shift

Officers from C-Shift have taken on students from Grainville School at a penalty shoot-out as part of their commitment to geographical policing.
The challenge came about because of work with the school by PC Ben Dupre who was asked by the school to pay random visits to pupils during lunch time and engage with them so they know the police are approachable.
So as part of his work on 11th July, Ben, PC Carlos Fernandes, PC Tamara de Carteret, PC Paul Lovesey, PC Jon Parsley and Sergeant Robbie Herd took part in a mini penalty shoot-out competition and a 6-a-side tournament with the year 8 pupils at the school.
And lost (on purpose apparently!)
The officers presented the winning team (one of the year 8 teams) with a framed Police certificate with a view to making this an annual event.


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